Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Upgrading Water Service to several Customers

We have been changing some customers to upgraded lines and changing out meters withing the system. If you see our guys out changing meters throughout the town, they are upgrading the meter system to the new radio read meters. Your meter will now be be read from a vehicle directly to a computer where it goes back to the office and is placed into our billing system eleminating the human error of reading the meter manually and entering the numbers into the computer manually, cutting down on manhours and providing the customer with a more accurate service.

Meter Reading & Pouring Concrete

Remember that the 15th of each month is meter reading day. You will be seeing our meter readers around town throughout that day. As technology in meter reading has changed over the years your Utility provider here at Huntsville Water is making changes to our meter reading with state of the art meters that we read from the vehicle through radio transmission, to take away the human error factor, ie no misread meters and no operator error in entering those readings, so if our marked vehicle drives up but doesnt get out of the vehicle, it doesn't mean that your meter has not been read. Unfortunatly not all meters in our system are "drive-by" meters so a portion of the meters are still read manually. As funds become available the complete system will be drive-by or radio read. This project is ongoing and will take at least another year to complete.


In the following week we will be pouring concrete to patch the streets where we have had to make cuts for repairs. Please be aware and use caution as our employees work around traffic. The weather has hampered this project and it will be ongoing in the weeks to come as weather permits. We apologize for any inconvience.